Thousands of orders fulfilled, millions of kilometres covered

We are a transport company undertaking with more than 20 years of experience in international and domestic transportation. Over time, the company, which has been called TRAMPUŽ TRANSPORT D.O.O. since 2015, has steadily developed and grown.

However, the fleet also grew alongside the company – at the moment, we are operating with 20 towing vehicles, 25 semi-trailers, and 1 heavy goods vehicle – van. We believe that every successfully fulfilled order and every kilometre bring valuable experience; we are looking forward to new and successful businesses.

Our advantages

By choosing our company, you will not only get a reliable partner, you will get a friend. We will offer you:

  • comprehensive range of services,
  • services tailored to you and your conditions,
  • quality and fast service,
  • an experienced and reliable team,
  • accuracy and responsibility,
  • ECO-oriented services.

All services in one place
Need a ride?

We make expert and reliable transports

We perform transportations in Italy all the way to Sardinia and Sicily, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary, and we also organise transportations to Serbia, France and Germany.

We are experts in the transportation of speciality steels, especially heavy steel wheels up to 26 tons, construction materials, wood and other goods, and we also transport food in specialised semi-trailers.

We develop together with our employees and business partners

Along with the increase in the volume of business, the number of employees of the company has risen as well. Today, the company has 24 employees.

We co-operate with major trade and logistic companies both in Slovenia and abroad. The company has long-term contracts for most businesses, which are the result of several years of cooperation and quality services provided by the company.

We’re dedicated to customers and focused on quality

We are here for you if you need an expert partner, who is able to successfully and reliably transport your cargo to its final destination.

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